Gregory D. Scholes

William S. Tod Professor of Chemistry


(609) 258 0729


125 Frick Chemistry Lab


Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Greg Scholes undertook postdoctoral training at Imperial College London and University of California Berkeley. He started his independent career at the University of Toronto (2000-2014) where he was the D.J. LeRoy Distinguished Professor. At Princeton Professor Scholes teaches Quantum Chemistry (CHM305) at the junior level, aiming to help non-specialists understand the mysteries of quantum mechanics and how it can impact our future.  Professor Scholes serves on many international advisory boards and is the Deputy Editor for the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, and is a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Scholes’ research group (The Scholes Group) studies how complex molecular systems in chemistry and biology interact with light. It is interested to learn the mechanisms for photo-initiated processes like solar energy conversion. The group’s research uses ultrafast lasers to time processes and reveal unforeseen details using multidimensional electronic spectroscopy. Analysis and deeper understanding of the experiments is helped by quantum chemical calculations and other theoretical work.

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